Your Item Listing Checklist

5 Things you need to include in your listing.

When selling your designer items online, it pays to put a bit of extra effort into your listing. Once you’ve nailed listing your items, you’ll find your listings are approved faster, you sell quicker and you might even gain some loyal followers!

Here are the 5 requirements to listing on AirRobe. Simply check off each requirement before you post an item to know you’ve nailed it. We check listing before publishing them, so if you miss anything we will let you know.

  • You should have multiple clear photos of your item at different angles. Front and back.
  • Try to use natural or white light.
  • The texture of the fabric and details like the hardware and lace/beading etc should be visible. Adding in close up shots of details is also important.
  • If you still have the original packaging/box add in a photo of that too.
  • This saves you time later, you won’t receive any messages asking for photos of buttons/straps if you’ve already been thorough in your photography.



  • Essential; you must include photos of all item tags and any other authentication.
  • For designer bags; this means including the authenticity cards and serial numbers. Also receipts, if you do not want to publicly post a picture of a receipt please email it to us at
  • Garment tags that must be included: Brand tags, Size, Care labels. This also includes shop tags on items you list as ‘Brand New With Tags’.

         3. STOCK IMAGES

  • Adding stock/website images of your item is always a good idea.
  • Stock images help buyers see how your item sits on a model/the size of an item. 
  • Stock images can also show an item’s details more clearly. 

         4. DETAILS / DEFECTS

  • Designer fashion is all about the details, if your item has some unique beading or accessories add in close ups of it! For example; a metallic fabric may not show up in a full length dress photo, so snap a close up to do it justice. 
  • The same goes for any signs of wear, whether it be a small stain or scratch, add in a photo so there are no surprises and no hiccups when you have a buyer.

        5. DESCRIPTION 

  • Take 2 minutes to write a bit about your item; is it limited edition, does the fabric feel a particular way, does it include a slip or extra accessories? 
  • Whilst the essential information like RRP and the item’s condition are required to be filled out to list on AirRobe, adding a little blurb is always a bonus. 
  • More information makes a listing seem more legitimate and saves buyers asking more questions.


  • Takes any cute selfies in/with your item? Add them in too! Others will appreciate seeing how an item fits/drapes!

Happy selling, and thank you for making good fashion last longer!

If you ever have any questions about listing an item or anything else, feel free to reach out to us at