Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s the nitty-gritty detail you need. Something missing? Let us know. 

Listing on AirRobe

  • How to list

    Listing is super easy. First, sign up to create an AirRobe account or log in.

    Click “LIST AN ITEM” and follow the simple instructions. All items will automatically show up in your AirRobe account so you can save them for later, or list them straight away. Once approved by our team your listing will be live  on the AirRobe marketplace for all to see.

  • Tips for listing
    1. Make it fresh. Use your Mum’s advice here and leave it as you’d like to find it. Give it a warm wash, hang it to dry, and steam/press it, to refresh it back to life.
    2. Capture it. Your phone and great lighting are all you need. Use a plain background and take photos and at various distances to capture the detail, too. You know what else helps? Mirror selfies! 
    3. Flaws? Document them. Be as honest as possible so you get glorious reviews and the transaction is straight forward.
    4. Self-promo. No shame! Post a throwback of your item to socials and shout about how you’re part of the circular fashion movement. 
    5. Prove it. It helps to add an authenticity card or certificate to act as a security guarantee for your buyer and makes your item more appealing too. 
    6. Set a fair price. Is it from a sought-after brand or does it have long-term value? Is this style currently trending? Take some time to research prices for similar items. Remember: If it doesn’t sell right away, you can always lower the price! And, we have an experienced community who can help you, too. 
  • What if I'm asked for proof of purchase?

    This is normal. Sometimes we will ask you to email us an invoice, certificate, sales receipt, or proof of authenticity. 

  • How do I get paid?

    Add your bank details under Setting>Payments and proceeds will automatically be transferred to your elected bank account, within 3 business days, once the sale process is complete. 

  • What are AirRobe's commission fees?

    We deduct 17% from all sold items to cover basic costs including transaction fees (Stripe Connect) authenticity checks, insurance for authenticity and parcel delivery, and customer service. 

  • What happens once someone has purchased my item?

    AirRobe uses Stripe Connect's escrow payment service to keep everything as secure as possible. Stripe escrow holds the buyer's payment until the order is fulfilled, and the item is received.

    You, the seller, will receive a payment within 3 business days in all instances unless your item is disputed (for example, the item wasn't as described or is non-authentic). AirRobe handles all disputes. 

  • Which condition should I select?

    New With Tags: The item has original tags and shows no visible signs of wear.

    New Without Tags: The items is brand new but does not come with tags.

    Like new: The item may have been worn but has no visible signs of wear.

    Gently used: The item has unnoticeable signs of wear. The signs of wear must be indicated in the condition notes.

    Well loved: There are noticeable signs of wear which must be indicated in the condition notes. 

  • What's the best delivery method to use?

    You decide how to ship your items. We recommend getting your products to customers faster (and money in your account sooner) with our partner, Sendle. Sellers and buyers can track parcels and stay up to date with deliveries by opting to receive notifications on the arrival status of their package. 

    Plus, you will get an estimate on delivery time with each booking, and your parcel will likely arrive within 2-3 days. 

    Sendle guarantees cheaper national delivery rates than your standard postal service.

    And, the AirRobe community receive Sendle Premium membership free so you can start saving $1 per parcel!

  • Stripe Connect

  • What is Stripe Connect?

    Stripe Connect is an industry-leading online payment service and provides better protection compared to PayPal.

    All of AirRobe’s transactions are securely processed by Stripe Connect. AirRobe does not store your payment, banking or credit/debit card information.

    All AirRobe transactions use an escrow service. Stripe’s escrow account holds the Buyer's money until the order is fulfilled and the Buyer receives the item.

  • How do Stripe Connect escrow payments work?

    Stripe Connect works to protect both parties during the payment process. 

    1. Buyer requests to purchase an item and the Seller is notified.
    2. Seller has 3 days to accept the order.
    3. Once the order is accepted by the Seller, the purchase is securely processed in the Stripe escrow account.
    4. Seller delivers/posts the item and marks the order as “Fulfilled”.
    5. Buyer receives the item and marks the order as “Completed”.
    6. Payment is released to the Seller.

    (The Buyer also has the right to elect to “Dispute” the order and will liaise with AirRobe on the matter)

  • What happens if an order is disputed?

    An order can be disputed by the Buyer if they're concerned the item is non-authenticated, was misdescribed, or misrepresented.

    AirRobe handles all disputes on a case-by-case basis. 

    No matter the issue, the seller receives the proceeds of the sale in all instances, except when the item is misdescribed or misrepresented.

  • Buying on AirRobe

  • How do you ensure authenticity?

    We have various steps to authenticate all products that sell on AirRobe. For certain items we require customers to provide proof of purchase. Our photo recognition and machine learning technology check all items listed and we request high-risk items to be sent to us for in-depth inspection prior to selling.

    We use Stripe Connect escrow payments, which means the Buyer's payments are not released to the Seller until the item is received, and the Buyer marks the order as "Completed".

  • How do I dispute an item?

    If you are concerned around authenticity, inaccuracy or poor condition once you receive an item, you have the right to dispute the item. AirRobe will launch an investigation and if a default or misrepresentation is confirmed, we will offer a full refund. 

  • Can I request a refund?

    It is important to note that we will only offer a refund if your purchase doesn’t match the condition, size and brand description provided by the seller, or if the item is torn and unclean.

    Unfortunately, we don't offer refunds for change of mind. But, we may be able to offer store credit in some cases.

  • How are items delivered?

    It's up to the individual seller to decide on the method of delivery that best suits them.

    If your package is not shipped directly through us and there are delivery issues email us at and we may be able to reimburse you. 

  • I'm not sure if the item will fit, now what?

    Sizing can vary between brands and European sizes are different from AU ones (sometimes we provide both, so make sure to double-check before checkout.) Luckily, you can find accurate measurements in the description under each garment, which is your best bet for online orders. But if you’re still uncertain, either message the seller or email our customer service team who can help. 

  • Can I cancel my order?

    Unfortunately, we are unable to process cancellations after the order is confirmed and the payment is processed.

  • Are there any costs?

    Yes, we charge 3% on each purchase.

  • AirRobe Account

  • How do I access my AirRobe?

    Once you sign up to AirRobe you automatically get your very own virtual wardrobe – it’s your personal account where you can view your uploaded items to re-sell, rent or recycle on AirRobe.
    And, you can monitor the positive impact you’re making on the planet, and your purse. Any purchase you make through AirRobe, will also go into your account.

  • How does AirRobe work with retailers?

    While shopping online at your favourite brands’ store, like The Fashion Advocate, you can select ‘ADD TO AIRROBE’ at the checkout so all your purchase details (including the images and description) will automatically be added to your free AirRobe account.

    This means, with one click you can repurpose your items back into a circular economy with AirRobe. 

  • Press & Media

  • How do I tell AirRobe I'm a massive fan?

    Join the Circular Fashion Movement with us by signing up with AirRobe and following us on social media. We are @airrobe on Facebook, Instagram, et all. Tag us! We love a tag #airrobe. 

  • Where will I send my press enquiry?

    Email us at and we'll put you in touch with our PR team.

  • No joy?

  • What to do when my question hasn't been answered?

    Didn't find what you're looking for? Send us an email to and we'll get back to you quicker than you can pull on a white tee.