How to list an item for sale?

  • To list an item, you need to first log into your AirRobe account or create one. To do this, click on “Sign up”, or “Sign in”. 
  • As soon as a member decides to sell an item, our team then reviews their listing to ensure that their item fits in with AirRobe’s collection criteria. 
  • To sell an item, click on “LIST AN ITEM” and follow the instructions.

Rules for listing an item for sale?

  • 1 – Include details of any small defects that you know of (scratches, stains, etc.), as well as your item’s precise measurements. 
  • 2 – Take clear pictures against a flat background and show your item at its best by using a natural light source, where possible. We recommend adding at least 5 photos (including garment brand and care tags). 
  • 3 – Give a precise description of your item and provide details about its origin, if possible. 
  • 4 – Include a proof of purchase and an authenticity card or certificate. This acts as a security guarantee for your buyers and makes your item more appealing. The AirRobe team may request this separately and may put your listing on hold until we receive proof of purchase.
  • 4 – Choose the condition that best reflects your item. If in doubt of which condition to choose, choose the lower ranking rating. You’ll then avoid a negotiation later, which could result in the price being reduced or the sale being cancelled. 
  • 5 – Set a fair price. Be inspired by the price of similar items, remember that we have an experienced community and that a price that is too high may affect the sale of your item.

What if I get asked by AirRobe to provide a proof of purchase?

  • In order to protect all our users, we may require sellers to provide us as a proof of purchase.
  • Proof of purchase includes an invoice, certificate, sales receipt or proof of authenticity.
  • If asked to provide a proof of purchase, you can simply respond to our email and attach it or upload it to the Image section on your listing.


Adding your bank details?

  • When you add a listing for the first time, you’ll then want to go in and add your bank details. To do this go to “Settings” and then “Payments”. These details are then saved for all future sale listings.

What are AirRobe’s commission fees?

  • On all sold items, we deduct a low commission rate of 17% from the sale price. This covers many things, such as: Stripe Connect fees, autheticity checks, insurance for authenticity and parcel delivery and customer service.

How will I get paid when my item sells?

  • We want to make this as seamless as possible – so all proceeds are sent automatically to your elected bank account once the sale process is complete. 

When exactly will I receive the money in my bank account?

  • In order for AirRobe’s platform to be as secure as possible, AirRobe uses Stripe Connect’s escrow payment service. 
  • This means that Stripe’s escrow account holds the Buyers money until the order is fulfilled and the Buyer receives the item.
  • At this point the proceeds are transferred to you as the Seller immediately. You can expect to see the proceeds in your bank account immediately or within 3 working days (depending on who you bank with).
  • Once the Buyer receives the item, they have a right to “Dispute” the order if something is wrong (i.e. if the item is non-authentic or not as described). AirRobe handles any disputes. 
  • No matter the issue, the seller receives the proceeds of the sale in all instances, except for where the item is misdescribed or misrepresented.


What is Stripe Connect?

  • Stripe Connect is an industry leading online payment service, and provides better protection compared to consumers compared to PayPal.
  • All of AirRobe’s transactions are securely processed by Stripe Connect. AirRobe does not store your payment, banking or credit/debit card information.
  • All of AirRobe’s transactions are done by way of an escrow service. This means that Stripe’s escrow account holds the Buyers money until the order is fulfilled and the Buyer receives the item.

How do Stripe Connect escrow payments work?

Stripe Connect works to protect both parties during the payment process. The process runs as follows:

  • 1 – When the Buyer purchases an item, the Seller is notified and has 3 days to accept the order. 
  • 2 – Only once the order is accepted by the Seller, will the Buyer’s purchase be processed by Stripe. At this point, the Buyer’s payment is securely processed in the Stripe escrow account.
  • 3 –  Next, the Seller must deliver/post the item and mark the order as “Fulfilled”. 
  • 4 – Once, the Buyer receives the item, they then mark the order as “Completed”. At this time, the payment will be released to the Seller.
  • 5 – At this point, the Buyer also has the right to elect to “Dispute” the order.

What happens if an order is Disputed?

  • An order can be Disputed by the Buyer if they concern the item is non-authenticate, was misdescribed or misrepresented.
  • AirRobe handles all disputes on a case-by-case basis. 
  • No matter the issue, the seller receives the proceeds of the sale in all instances, except for where the item is misdescribed or misrepresented.


What is AirRobe’s Valet Selling Service?

  • You simply send us your items and we do everything to sell your items for you (photography, authentication, pricing, listing, customer service and handling). 
  • AirRobe simply sends you all the sale proceeds minus our 30% commission and shipping charges. 

How does the Valet process work?

1. You complete the form here: Valet Form

We’ll the contact you to let you know your request has been approved. 


  • We will get you to package up your items. 
  • We will send you a delivery label to print and stick on your parcel. 
  • The courier will pickup your items (you don’t need to be home, just leave them in a secure area). 
  • We then do everything to sell your items and simply send you the cash.
  • We then report to you at the end of each calendar month if one or more of your items have sold (within 10 business days of the calendar month). We also send you a bank transfer with the proceeds at time as well. 


  • When you complete the Valet Form you are asked whether you would prefer for AirRobe to set the price of your items or whether you wish to set a minimum price.
  • AirRobe will typically set the highest possible price and then will discount your items on a seasonal basis (i.e. we don’t start discounting a winter jacket over summertime, we wait until its winter).
  • If items are unsold after 12-months of having your items listed for sale, you may request an item to be returned to you. Returning items will incur $20 per item, plus postage cost.


Condition Criteria and Selection

  • Vendors and Lenders (“Listers”) must indicate the condition if the item that they list.
  • If an item has marks, faults or signs of wear, the Lister must make note of this in the “Condition notes” section.
  • The Lister must choose from one of the following condition selections:

    1. New With Tags: This means the item has original tags and shows no visible signs of wear.

    2. New Without Tags: This means the items is brand new but does not come with tags.

    3. Like new: This item may have been worn but has no visible signs of wear.

    4. Gently used: This means the item has unnoticeable signs of wear. The signs of wear must be indicated in the “Condition notes”.

    5. Well loved: This means there are noticeable signs of wear. The signs of wear must be indicated in the “Condition notes”. that

Finally, a quick way to list my items without the fuss.
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