A new way to buy & sell

We believe it is possible to have a deep interest in fashion and a desire to do better when it comes to our planet and our natural ecosystems. 

Currently, the fashion of today largely becomes the waste of tomorrow so, AirRobe is tackling this urgent problem through tech innovation – creating a new way to shop and a new way to extend the life of your purchases.

Transition your shopping cart, and the fashion industry, from a major polluter to a model for sustainability.

Our mission

To create a circular economy by building a network of designers, retailers and consumers who are transitioning e-commerce into re-commerce.


What this means

Fashion is the 2nd-most polluting industry, globally. Every second a garbage truck worth of clothing is thrown away. By sharing a fashion piece, we give it a longer life and reduce its carbon footprint.

By selling or wearing just one pre-owned fashion piece, you offset:


“Look out Vestiaire Collective, labels such as Gucci, Céline, Bassike, Camilla & Marc and Helmut Lang have already been listed on the site.”

“A marketplace that allows people to make money from their clothing collections and is helping combat the ‘use-and-discard’ attitude around fashion”

“The platform automatically edits photos, assists with categorisation of listings and provides authenticity guarantees and condition guarantees.”

“AirRobe’s marketplace model reflects the broader consumer shift towards shared economies.”

“AirRobe also offers a valet service where the team takes care of the listing for you.”

“Currently, AirRobe has 20,000 customers with 200-300 brands.”

“With the new funding, Ms Comazzetto wants to tackle her big vision, which is to get big brands involved in the so-called circular economy.”

“Startmate chief executive James Tynan said the accelerator was thrilled to find founders like Ms Comazzetto on a mission to take on a huge market.”

A note from our founder and ceo,

Hannon Comazzetto.

I believe that we can work together to build new value into a troubled fashion industry. One that focuses on reusing, recycling, and re-selling fashion to create a circular re-commerce system. And, transform one of the world’s biggest polluters into a model for sustainability.

The solution is simple. With one platform the fashion industry, designers, and shoppers can work together as a community to create a new economy.

Hannon Comazzetto



When it comes to the environment, fashion is one of the most devastating systems in existence.

Fashion is polluting the world at a rate only topped by that of petroleum. 

Fashion is responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions and 90 million tonnes of landfill waste annually.

But, this broken system is fixable, and we all have the ability to help improve these stats.


Our aim is to make quality, ethical and sustainable designer clothing accessible by offering a sustainable way to stay on-trend. 

We want to give you an alternative to buying “fast fashion”. We prefer to invest in the best and give clothing a longer life.


According to WRAP, if we extend the life of our clothes by an extra 6-months of active use, we would reduce carbon, water and waste footprints by around 13-20%.

Today, 4 out of 5 items donated end up in landfill. At AirRobe, we want to stop this. Instead, we’ll match fashion and textiles to all kinds of re-use opportunities such as re-sale, upcycle and recycle opportunities.